Thursday, 29 September 2011

Final Portrait

Over the past couple of weeks i have been working on completing my final self portrait. During this time i discovered that it is not easy to paint with water colours and i had a number of issues such as:
  • Pencil lines showing through 
  • It was difficult to get the shading and shadows correct
  • It is almost impossible to cover up mistakes
Taking all of this in to account i am fairly pleased with my final portrait. However i do feel that the eyes were too dark and looked very bold compared to the other colours, the eyes were dark because I painted the outline black, but i have learned from my mistakes and will take them in to account during future assignments. I was also not happy with the shape of the lips, this could have bee because i was not careful enough when sketching them in my rough sketch. My Portrait is painted in a sort of abstract style with a colourful yet pale back ground and my face is a pale blue colour. I am pleased with the way i managed to create the shadows on the face and the colours are nice. I will upload a photo of my portrait very soon!

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