Thursday, 16 February 2012

Completing the animation

Today we finished our animation. All we had to do was add the sound. This took some time as we kept forgetting what to say or the timing was wrong. We did it in the end although the overall animation could have been improved if we had taken more care when taking pictures, had more knowledge on windows movie maker and the sound was better. But as beginners i think we did a good job. I think if I had time I would try to make more animations because it was very fun. I enjoyed being in a team with AJ as we always work well together. I learned a lot during the unit such as: How to use windows movie maker better, I gained more knowledge on animations and how they are made. My goal in future is not to make animations for a living but I will probably have another try to make a better animation.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Making the Animation

We did not get as much done as we would have liked during this weeks lesson. We had begun to put the animation together using windows movie maker but we did not really know how to use it so we spent most of the lesson trying to learn. It took some time but we managed to get the pictures in order and hopefully next lesson we will be able to add on the finishing touches.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Taking the Pictures

Yesterday AJ and I managed to complete taking all of the pictures for the animation. When we viewed the pictures in order it looked really effective and once the editing is done we will have a good animation. We did have to be careful when taking the pictures because it was very easy to move the paper background or knock the camera out of place. We also had to be careful not to move the animation characters or objects too much as this would result in the animation reaching a low quality standard. Next week we wish to upload the pictures on to AJ's computer and begin editing the animation.