Saturday, 27 August 2011

One of my faveourite self portraits

This self portrait of Marylin Monroe by Andy Warhol is really good. I like it because I think that the pop art effect really enhances the facial features and grabs peoples attention. I love the colours too!

Marylin Monroe By Andy Warhol

My Self Portrate Sketch

During this weeks art lesson i chose the picture that I wanted to use for my sketch. i have not decided what the style of my final  self portrait will be or the symbols I will include. I think I will begin looking for information when I have completed my rough sketch.

Here is the image I chose to sketch:

It is a bit dark but I can still make out my main features that will be included in my final Portrait. To draw the sketch am using the grid method which makes it a lot easier to get the features right.